Friday, November 1, 2013

Settled in with mixed improvement

Things are going better for the most part.  I was essentially in agony yesterday with constant pain extending from my pelvis down my legs and into my lower back.  I was pushing my pain med button on the dot every 20 mins since that's when it would be active again.  I had a pair of ice packs resting on each side of my hips almost the entire time with brief intervals of rest when it got too cold.  I was still able to get out of bed (barely) to transfer to a wheelchair for transport to radiation and to my new room.    Today is much better with much less pain laying in bed although I'm not able to get out of bed.  One way they're hoping to make my situation better is radiation.  5 treatments are currently planned for this set, and I am lucky to get started on them so quickly.  I was simulated (prepped) in a CT scanner yesterday morning, got my first treatment that night, and my second treatment this morning right after my pelvic MRI.

The MRI this morning was a lot easier than the one last night due to much less pain and much more sleep last night.  I woke up about every hour or so, but I was sleeping well in between.  The funny thing is my pain laying down in bed is dramatically better and more tolerable, but it is more painful getting out of bed.  Thankfully, I was able to stay laying down all day since they transferred me to scan and treatment in my bed.  They kept the sheets underneath me for the tables as well which made them much more comfortable.  The extra pain killers they gave me before the MRI helped me through the heat and discomfort as well.  My appetite is coming back too.  Especially in contrast to yesterday when I couldn't eat anything due to pain and bloating.

I was able to relax all afternoon after my scan and treatment were finished.  My parents came down yesterday after we told them about my situation, and my sister Lori accompanied by her husband and daughter came down as well, so I've had a nice amount of company while being holed up.  My lab mates, friends, and an unexpected drop in by my cousin Brian and Megan have kept things from getting boring as well.  The only real interruption to resting and talking after my scans was a visit from the physical therapist where we learned I couldn't get out of bed without a painful explosion in my lower body.  This combined with my otherwise lack of mobility will keep me in the hospital for the foreseeable future.

I am starting a new pain management regimen with some different drugs, so hopefully this will help me get out faster.  The radiation should reduce the tumor expansion which is likely causing all the pain.  The MRI results haven't all come in yet, so it's hard to say where my current condition cancer wise is.  Should find out soon, maybe tomorrow when Van Tine comes back from a conference in New York.  Otherwise I'm going to try to enjoy my family being here even through I'm cooped up and can't even leave to go get a meal with them.

Speaking of being cooped up, Anna and I have a pair of tickets to the Beauty and the Beast at the Fox Saturday night.  Orchestra B level and going for $100 total or best offer.  Email me at if interested.


  1. Greg - you are an amazing specimen!! You are a gifted writer and your strength and courage are beyond my comprehension!!
    We think of you often and continue to send lots of prayers your way!
    If there is ANYTHING we can do for you and Anna or the rest of your family, just name it!
    Our love to you!! Rocke and Angie (Gregg) Rahfeldt & Kaitlyn, too

  2. Thanks Angie and Rocky for the prayers and I'll let you know if anything pops up.