Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rollar Coaster Continues

This past week has been great.  Went to work everyday, and was able to stay there for the regular hours.  I caught up on my mouse colony organization for the most part, started a new experiment, and got to spend a lot of time hanging out with my friends after work.  I was relatively pain free, close to a regular appetite, and no nauea to speak of.  I was even able to stay up to 12:30 on Saturday night for Halloween which is the latest I've been up in months.  Granted, Danny had me going on Coke and coffee when I was starting to fall asleep at his place around 9, but I recovered and made it through.  My costume wasn't as great as last year, but Anna and I made a pretty good Don and Megan Draper after we told people who we were.

All of this came crashing down on Sunday morning.  I was starting to get progressively more stiff in the mornings starting on Thursday, but the hammer really dropped after I peaked Saturday night.  My pelvic pain came back with a vengenance, and I was essentially bedridden all of Sunday.  I doubled my steriods and methadone after consulting Van Tine, but that didn't have much of any effect.  I went into the cancer care clinic on Monday and received a few doses of IV pain killers which helped quite a bit and allowed me to get up and go much easier.  I got a good night's sleep and thought I might be in the clear.  However, this was not the case since I spent most of last night in misery. I got a little sleep in, but not much. Spent most of the night just laying in pain or watching Sons of Anarchy trying to ignore it.  I've been in the clinic again all day today getting regular doses of IV meds.  Just got done with an MRI set to my lower back, and will be finishing up on my pelvis tomorrow. Would have done it all at once, but the pain was too much for that long of a time on that table. I should be officially admitted and moved to my new room anytime now. Hopefully the scans will point to some kind of remedy for my pain so that I can go back to my usual pain management schedule.  Until then, feel free to drop in or give me a call.  


  1. feel better man! What room are you,and which building?

  2. Thinking of you and Anna every day. Hang in there.

  3. Hi Greg,
    Brian and I follow your blog and think about you often. We will actually be in St. Louis Fri-Sat for a conference that I have, and we'd love to stop in and say hi. Are you up for visitors on Friday mid-afternoonish?
    Megan & Brian Sibbel

    1. I should be free for visitors sometime. Can you email me your number so I can get ahold of you?

  4. Hi Greg-I'm following your blog too. You are such an inspiration. I'm so glad you had a good Halloween ( the MOST important holiday in our family!!!). Keep the pain under control, and know that you have tons of people out here in cyberspace pulling for you! Hugs, Sandy Abernathy ..... Danny's mom :)