Sunday, July 21, 2013


It's 6:30 on Sunday morning, and I've been awake and restless since 4.  Spent the first hour shifting from the bed, to the recliner, to the couch; trying to find an accommodating space where I can fall asleep without switching every other minute to being too hot to too cold.  But this is great compared to where I was before I started treatment.  My back pain is very well managed by the right amount of drugs which used to the the overriding reason for not being able to sleep.  And it's only been happening off and on instead of almost every night.  The month I spent sleeping on Anna's couch since it was the only place I could find some relief wasn't that long ago.  Plus Shradha gave me her Showtime password for my graciously given iPad which meant an hour of this morning was spent watching Josh Blue's hilarious standup.  I highly recommend it.  Especially to my brother in law Jared.  It's your kind of humor and you have the potential for the same kind of scruffy homeless look.  All the same, last night still sucked.

Almost puked already this morning too.  I just drank an unappetizing ensure to keep my weight up so I made sure to swallow it back down quick since I wasn't a out to waste both the time and money spent swallowing that expensive crap down.  The steroids don't seem to be holding their magic the last few days, which a small group of onlookers noticed as I walked over to the baseball game last night.  I've now gotten used to it so it was a quick mouth rinse, a piece of gum, and I was good to go.  At least I didn't lose it in the bleachers like I was worried about.  Wish the game itself had that much excitement.  Most of the scoring happened before we got there (far to hot to show up on time), and the Cards ended up losing.

In other news, I have little more than a week left of radiation.  After that I'll have the usual round of scans and doctor pow-wows to see what will happen with me next.  I just talked to my radiation oncologist on Friday, and he said that my tumor is continuing to shrink.  He said the full effect can't be seen for up to three months, but I'll have moved on to my next treatment step long before then.  Just remains to be seen what that will be. 

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