Sunday, May 5, 2013

Round 3

It has been a really long week.  I had my third round of chemo on Wednesday which was a breeze compared to the last round which took up 5 days in a row.  Unfortunately, the odd chemo rounds hit me harder than than the even rounds which snuck up on me over a few days.  I felt off most of Thursday and Friday, with the chemo side effects peaking Friday night.  No sleep, frequent bathroom visits, hot/cold, and total body soreness wasn't pleasant.  The side effects have been tapering off a bit with some sleep last night and my stomach starting to feel like normal again after eating a couple of tacos tonight.  Once again, one of the worst parts is my messed up taste/smell.  The lounge of my new apt complex smelled completely foul to me and only me for some reason, and Papa John's yesterday was a very disappointing blah.

Another reason for the incredible length of the week was moving.  My girlfriend Anna and I got the keys to our new 2 bedroom on Wednesday and moved the bulk of our stuff in on Saturday.  We couldn't have done it without the assistance and generosity of our friends who did the majority of the work moving our collective possessions.  Unfortunately, we got done early in the afternoon so not all could come back to enjoy their meager compensation of pizza.  (To those people, please remind me to put the next couple beers at the bar on me...once I'm able to drink again).  We now have about everything inside our new, spacious apartment.  It will be a week or so before it is all unpacked and put in a more permanent location.

The most enjoyable part of the weekend was catching up with a group of my college friends who came into town to visit.  It wasn't planned out that I would be moving the same weekend as the visit, but it worked out very well.  Nick, Quinn, Andy, Timmy, and I enjoyed a bountiful breakfast at The Majestic Saturday morning after they got into town the night before.   It is not everyday when I see them all completely full from a single meal with some leftover.  I then put them to work moving about everything from Anna's apt up to the new one.  Unfortunately, her box spring didn't fit in the freight elevator which then required Quinn and Andy to haul it up 8 flights of stairs.  (The effects of the move and several beers can be seen in a facebook picture put up by Nick).  We rounded out the weekend with a trip to the Arch and lunch at a random pub located next to Bogart's BBQ which is apparently closed on Sundays.  The food was better than expected so it wasn't too disappointing of a transition. Unfortunately, I couldn't join them on the AB Brewery tour due to the need to nap and run some genotyping reactions in lab.

Overall, it was a long, but good week.  My friends and family help me everyday whether they know it or not.  Emotions are running much higher than normal these days with chemo pain trading off with tumor pain.  I've found that I'm still not used to or comfortable thinking a lot about my cancer and the road ahead.  My mood is now apt to transition as quickly as a pregnant sitcom mom, and I'm pretty sure I've cried more in the most 2 months than the past 10 years.  Surgery is approaching quickly, and it makes me nervous, worried, and optimistic at the same time.  Thank you for everyone out there thinking and praying for me.

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