Sunday, May 12, 2013

Balanced once again

The past week was nice and uneventful.  My body fully balanced out from the last round of chemo on Wednesday with my taste, smell, sleep, and GI tract returning to a normal state.  I've been working fairly normal hours in lab too with my experiments coming along at the regular rate of two steps forward and one step back.  I ended up leaving early for one reason or another about every day last week.  I wasn't feeling the best towards late afternoon each on of those days which was alleviated by laying around and resting.  I'm planning on working a nap earlier in the day to see if it helps so that I can work longer each day.  Hopefully my favorite couch in the library basement will be unoccupied.

I have this week off from treatment, with the following week taken up by a 5 day chemo treatment.  This will be the last one before my surgery.  I currently have an MRI set up on May 28th to see what my tumors are currently looking like so the many different doctors can plan out what they want to do.  My cryoablation to freeze-kill my pelvic tumors is on June 4th.  My surgery remains on the 10th, and radiation will follow once I recover from that.  Each step in that process and exactly what they are going to do remains very ambiguous since it all depends on how my scans look.  For instance, I met with my radiation oncologist last week to see what his plan is.  He might radiate only some places or all, for 1 heavy week or 6 lighter weeks, or not radiate anything at all.  My surgery is in the same kind of situation with Van Tine saying the room and people are all booked, but they don't know what they will be doing yet.  So that means I have nothing to do but what and see.  Fortunately, I have plenty of stuff including lab work, visiting family, program retreat, and organizing my new apartment to keep me busy.

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  1. Your experiments net 1 step forward? Thats amazing, usually it's the other way around for most of us!