Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Two steps forward, one step back

It has been about a week and half since my last chemo treatment, and I am feeling pretty normal.  I've been working in lab consistently since last Monday without any problems.  The side effects didn't linger much and my minor GI issues straightened themselves out within a few days of being done.  It was fairly liberating getting my port line taken out so that I don't have a tube dangling from my chest all day every day anymore.  My next treatment is a week from tomorrow and will only take one day. 

One issue that has popped up the last few days is that I have a presumptive bacterial infection causing a couple of the lymph nodes in my armpit to swell up.  I first noticed some pain a few days ago and discovered the lumps on Sunday.  I had them checked out yesterday at the Cancer Clinic where they took some blood samples to do some cultures.  They put me on another antibiotic, and the swelling should go down within a couple of days if it works.  If not, they'll probably have to cut them open to drain since the nodes have been growing pretty rapidly over the past two days.  Hopefully I will get the results of the culture back in the next day or so to see if it will affect my treatment or not.

That's all for now.  If I don't post again for awhile, you can safely assume I'm doing OK.  No news from me is good news.

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