Friday, April 5, 2013

Hello more chemo, Goodbye hair

Hey Everyone,

It has been a very average week, but I have a few things to update on.  I've continued to feel very well in general, and I’ve been able to work a normal week in lab.  My experimental results have been a mixed bag of success and failure, but that is normal too.  My blood counts were back up to the regular levels when tested Thursday morning, which means that my reprieve from treatments and hospital beds ends on Monday with the start my second round of chemo.  My chemo drugs alternate ever other time so I do not know whether I will react as favorably to this round as the first one.  Unfortunately, these set requires me to receive it over the course of 5 days lasting around 8 hours each day.  Fortunately, I now have an iPad (thanks to many of my generous friends and colleagues) with several different streaming websites at my disposal (thank to Shradha and Ben) to ease my boredom.  I will be helping write a review as well to keep me busy and partially productive for my grad school career. 

                In other news, I gave myself a hair cut Wednesday night in anticipation of my hair falling out.  It looks like I had perfect timing since I started noticeably shedding yesterday.  My hair hasn’t been this short since the 7th grade, but I’m starting to get used to seeing myself in the mirror. 

                That is all for now.  I will post again when more news comes up or I get really bored sitting around getting chemo.  Whichever comes first.


  1. Waiting to hear an update on your progress this week. Maybe you are too busy playing games on your new iPad?? Sending good wishes your way!

  2. Mostly napping, but the iPad is very nice.